The US is manufacturing fewer goods and importing more from overseas.  Almost all imported goods are brought in by ships filled with cargo containers.  Too many of these cargo containers are left in the US.  The largest container ships can now transport 15,000 containers per trip and can make a run from China to the US in just 5 days.  Currently the US has millions of excess, decommissioned containers in our country. Not only are these stacked containers an eyesore, but the constant production of new containers by China leads to environmental challenges for the entire world.  Recycling and repurposing these millions of surplus cargo containers saves monumental natural resources, uncountable labor/man-hours, and most important, our environment.


Besides being environmentally responsible, incorporating used shipping containers in building plans is just plain smart and practical. Shipping containers are extremely strong and durable, with an indefinite life span.  The containers are designed to support in excess of sixty thousand pounds of cargo and are capable of weathering all kinds of storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.  They are virtually fire proof, rodent and termite-proof.


Shipping containers are designed to hold up to 66,000 lbs. each and can be stacked up to seven containers high? That means they are the perfect building material for you to craft your dream house out of; Box Town Builders can stack and cut them together until you get your dream home! Oh, did we mention that they are made from steel, so you don’t have to worry about issues such as rot and termite infections.